ACSI Foundation

What is ACSI?

ACSI is the camping specialist of Europe. Since 1965, the trusted, green camping guide has been providing campers with information. It’s a concept well-known among camping enthusiasts and camping site owners!

However, we do much more to ensure you have a pleasant camping holiday. General information about camping, organized camping trips, and ready-made camping accommodations in European countries. And of course, Europe’s most visited website with camping sites.

Why the ACSI Foundation?

ACSI actively commits to making a positive impact on society through the ACSI Foundation. Our focus is on promoting arts and culture, supporting sports and community life, and contributing to medical initiatives. Additionally, we provide financial support to charitable causes through Giro 555. With the ACSI Foundation, we aim to make a difference and leave a positive imprint on the world around us. Together, we can build a better future for everyone.

Charities ACSI Foundation


Various cultural initiatives

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Various charities through Giro 555


Various sports initiatives


Various associations


Various medical initiatives


Other projects & initiatives


For inquiries regarding the initiatives and projects we support, or to submit a request for sponsorship, we kindly direct you to our customer service.